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A final blog June 9, 2009

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Well sadly I haven’t contributed to this blog as much as I thought, and hoped I would.

I did find it an incredible help and quite an interesting part of the course. I really enjoyed seeing how other people interpreted and reviewed all of the readings, and how they related them back to our lectures. It was helpful too.

I wish I could do the semester over and actually write a few more blogs and get my thoughts out there, but time and other things got the better of me! Very unfortunate.

I found the test was pretty much as expected, my only problem was my hand couldn’t seem to write fast enough, I didn’t get to put my point across as clearly as I had planned to in my practice essays.

Does anyone know how we recieve our grades? I know they were meant to all be marked in the next couple of days, but I am not sure how we can check them?


a very late blog May 11, 2009

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wow, I have been so busy getting stuff done and (I hate to admit it) catching up on readings. I am a little worried how far behind I was

I finally finished my anzac essay. to be perfectly honest I really wasn’t looking forward to it. Having said that I am really quite satisfied with how it turned out. I made links I didn’t think I would. It was intersting to see how a political ritual that holds some significance to me personally, for an event that was much closer to home, actually takes the form of a political ritual. I found this side of it particularly interesting, but I wasn’t quite sure how I did with my approach to the observation and writing it up.

I will be back in a few days with notes on the readings. it has been a very long time coming!


Megacities – a documentary by Michael Glawogger March 29, 2009

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Over the weekend I watched a documentary called Megacities – directed by Michael Glawogger.

The documentary features twelve cities around the world  – all of which are extremely poor. It is an absolutely amazing, touching, disturbing and unreal documentary, I really suggest you watch it!


Watching the doco, I became very aware of the lack of any sort of leadership or authority operating in many of the places. they were all to an extent poverty stricken, some more than others.

It made me wonder – what rituals would exist in these societies where any other form of authority or law or even guidelines basically cease to exist. I imagine many of the rituals would be very religious, but would they take very much of a ritualised and structured form? Would any other forms of ritual exist? I’m not sure how much people, or anthropology for that matter, would agree that rituals do tend to exist when there is some sort of social structure and heirarchy. In many of these places this  is lacking, the people in the documentary all seemed to be living for themselves – the country as a whole was not in any way operating together or interacting, there were no laws, guidelines etc to suggest how people should be living. I am struggling with how rituals would evolve out of this sort of environment, where organisation of any sort seems almost non existent.


For those in the anthro club – possibly an afternoon viewing of this movie? I would love to hear other people’s thoughts


another report query March 25, 2009

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As I am sure many of you are, I am over paranoid about missing something, or writing the report incorrectly.

When we hand in the report do we only hand in the essay of our interpretive observations, questions, implications etc, or do we also hand in our typed up field notes? I may have missed vital piece of information about the assignment, but from what I can gather it seems the typed field notes are for our own use to look over for coding, not as part of the final hand in – am I right?


onwards and upwards March 23, 2009

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I have been going over my notes (again and again… and again). I have finally decided that checkout etiquette will be the main idea of my study. It is really interesting particularly watching for patterns in terms of who interacts with whom. I have found a simlar pattern emerging. I know culture is not meant to be predictable, but I have picked up on a trend that I am rather interested in.

When it comes to writing the report I am a little confused. Do we write the report in chronological order, or can we write it and just refer to certain things that happened throughout each of the observations? I am very unsure on what to do!


Four days to go. I will not panic!


Ps. Can anyone figure out where Mary is from? Her accent intrigues me and I can’t quite put my finger on it…


running late March 17, 2009

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Okay, so I have started my observations – after much thought, and the discovery that many people had the same ideas as me – I ended up choosing to observe supermarket check outs.

A pretty interesting topic, but I am really struggling with what part of the experience to focus on. There is a lot going on at the checkouts, and I mean A LOT! I barely scribbled everything down in time.

What I did find interesting was the interactions between customers helping others out, and also one very helpful checkout girl in particular. So possibly my focus could be on checkout etiquette?

I am stuck for ideas, and this is my attempt to get ideas written down.

I guess I will sleep on it a bit more, perhaps I will find something more interesting to watch over the next few observations.


Re:Start March 5, 2009

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okay, so this isn’t quite restarting – i’m actually starting fresh.

on my first ever blog.

i was somewhat astounded when i was given my first assignment; to keep a blog. it seemed unheard of. i’m sure many people would be happy to keep a blog as a university assignment. for millions of people blogging must be second nature, a modern ritual in the most literal sense. i must emphasise the word literal because that was my first thought, because in some sense blogging could be seen as a ritual to many people. i realise that over the semester my understanding of ritual in the modern world will develop much beyond this and many gaps will be filled.

my plan is that my blogs will be a recap of what has gone on. my thoughts. my findings. my opinions. my worries. my insights. my triumphs. and anything else I stumble across.

although keeping a blog truly does scare me, i am rather looking forward to seeing where it takes me. i have always thought that writing and reflecting and communicating about classes would, if anything be interesting, but also be a way to strengthen my grasp of a subject. i am hoping this blog will do just that.

i was actually looking forward to blogging about the first reading, possibly even excited about it. . . if only they hadn’t sold out at student notes!

i will save it for another day.